Meet Jaci

Hi, fellow travelers! I'm Jaci.
Pisa, April 2011

Before moving to Germany in June of 2009, I had never lived outside of Texas. I was born in San Antonio, went to college in Dallas, and ended up working in Austin. I was content with having never lived far from I-35...even though it's an awful, awful highway. But when the right guy came around, I didn't hesitate to say "I do" and follow him to Germany. Life since then has truly been one long honeymoon. Now that I know what it's like to see the world, I can safely say that traveling will always be part of our life. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

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Where, of all places you have never been, do you want to go to most?
The Islands of Maldives is the not-so-realistic place we'd like to visit. That one is on our lifetime "to-do" list. Number one on our list of places to visit while living in Europe is Santorini, Greece.

Where do you most want to go back to?
Rome. It was one of the cities we visited while on a cruise, so we only got to stay for one day. Rome definitely deserves more than one day.

Favorite city?
This is such a hard question. And since this is MY "meet me" page, I'm going to list several cities: Berlin, Florence, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Granada...gosh, this could go on for a while. I'm not good at picking favorites.

Least favorite city?
Bologna. But in its defense, we were there on a Sunday and everything was closed.

Do you speak other languages?
I speak enough Spanish to get by, but am by no means fluent. I find that sangria helps, though. I know I should speak German but have you HEARD German? Ich spreche kein deutsch. I speak no German. That's pretty much all I have to work with.

How do you get by without being fluent?
Pretty easily actually. We always learn how to say the basics in the language of whichever country we're in. "Do you speak English" is a biggie as well as "please" "thank You" "excuse me" and obviously "Where is the bathroom?" A lot of people in Europe speak English or at least know keywords for the sake of tourists. And even if they don't, I usually find a way to communicate. I'm awesome at charades.

Best airport? 
Hmmmm....I would have to say Barcelona. But, Frankfurt Main is pretty nice too. I judge airports by the quality of shopping I can do there.

Worst airport?
Frankfurt Hahn. Or really any airport where budget airlines (RyanAir) fly. Frankfurt Hahn specifically because the drive there is super obnoxious. We love RyanAir, though.

Best travel tips?
Know where you're going to sleep before embarking. Even if your husband wants to be super spontaneous and just leave. Tell him to take a chill-pill while you take 30 minutes to book a hotel. Oh, and thoroughly peruse Trip Advisor for food, hotel, rental, activity, etc. recommendations. Beau thinks I'm amazing at planning trips, but it's really all Trip Advisor.

Biggest travel mistake?
I've been known to pack according to what I WANT the weather to be like instead of what the weather is actually GOING to be like. The upside of this is that I have a pretty nice little collection of jackets from foreign places. My husband is less thrilled by them.

Best coffee outside of the USA?
I enjoy coffee, but I don't enjoy it enough to be a good judge. I would say Florence because they served coffee with ice cream in it! I love me some ice cream. Now gelato is something I can judge. And I will. Post coming soon.

Best meal while traveling?
Avocado chicken with mango chutney at Ristorante Enoteca la Barrique in Florence. Everything we had there was amazing. I'm convinced that the bread basket was magical. Not only was the taste unlike any carb I've had before, but it kept re-filling. Magical.

Most breathtaking view?

My husband is pretty breathtaking in my opinion...

I'm going to interpret this as "most breathtaking view from your room." Otherwise, this could take forever.

From the house we rented in Riomaggiore:

From our room in Sicily: 

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