Lake Como, Italy

To celebrate our two year anniversary, my husband and I ate our way across Italy last April. We flew RyanAir from Frankfurt Hahn to Milan (Bergamo). Let’s embark on a RyanAir tangent. (Enjoy the flight.) Have you flown RyanAir before? We have flown the budget airline several times and have always been perfectly happy with the experience. It’s certainly a no-frill operation, but I am happy to sacrifice some unnecessary luxuries for an affordable price. RyanAir often flies into obscure airports located 30-60 miles away from a major city. While that sounds inconvenient, each airport has a shuttle bus that runs in accordance with RyanAir flights taking travelers to and from the city center. In my experience, the roundtrip shuttle bus costs between €12 and €18. Information regarding the shuttles is available on the RyanAir website at time of ticket purchae. While RyanAir has made many trips possible for us with their affordable pricing, there are potential annoyances to be aware of. First off, you may end up paying more for a checked bag than for your seat. This is irritating to say the least, but it encourages light packing which makes traveling easier anyway. Also, if you ever decide to travel Ryan Air, I would recommend paying for “priority boarding.” It used to be a total steal at 6€/person, but they’ve bumped it up to €10/person. Boarding a RyanAir flight is not as civil a process as boarding on other airlines. There basically is no process. If you have a general boarding ticket, you can look forward to standing in a mob of fellow general boarders all elbowing their way as close to the gate as possible. (And let me tell you, not all travelers have the same respect for lines, personal space, or hygiene as you probably do.) Once you’ve gotten through the gate, it becomes a mad dash to the plane to find an open seat and overhead bin. However, if you pay extra for priority boarding, this can all be avoided. There is a separate line for priority boarding at the terminal. You get processed at the gate first and secure your seat and overhead bin space before the struggle begins.  Totally worth it in my book but you may be more tolerant of getting breathed on by strangers than I am. I'm a big fan of personal space.

If you’re ever traveling Europe, don’t assume that the train is the most efficient way to travel. In our experience, flying from one destination to another can save a lot of time and money. (End tangent.)

From Milan Bergamo airport, we took the train to Como. Como is a charming and serene town on the banks of the Y-shaped Lake Como, also called Lario. To visit surrounding towns, there is a ferry that hops around the lake.
Ferry ride

We stayed in the town of Como, but I would recommend staying at Bellagio now that I’m more familiar with the area. Bellagio was the most picturesque town we visited and I’ve heard it’s wonderfully relaxing to stay there.

We didn’t explore Lake Como as thoroughly as planned because my husband was under the weather, but we  did find a wonderful gem worth sharing. If you are into food, and more specifically cooking, I highly recommend the cooking class offered by Moreno at his restaurant, Ristorante Il Caminetto in the town of Varenna. 

It was a delicious and romantic experience where we made lots of special memories. Moreno offers unlimited cappuccinos and wine along with generous servings of bread, meats, and cheeses. And this is all before the three mouth-watering courses we got to enjoy after learning how to make them!

Moreno teaching us how to make the perfect past and Gorgonzola sauce

The day-long dining experience was one of the best meals I’ve had since moving to was actually closer to three meals. Plus, we now know how to make fresh pasta, gnocchi, and risotto! Did you know that gnocchi is made out of potatoes?!
my recipe notes

There was something wonderfully intimate about the cooking class environment. We made a lot of friends in the class, most of whom were also traveling in celebration of their love. Moreno's cooking class at Ristorante Il Caminetto was an exceptionally fulfilling experience; one that I'll never forget.
enjoying the cooking class and one another


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