Fussa Park

I've driven by this park a few times, but it wasn't until I had my tires changed at Mr. Taiyaman when I took the boys to it. Boy, was I glad that I did! Obviously, there's the they-won't-sit-still-for-more-than-two-minutes, so we threw out waiting at the store as an option. It has a great playground, which is geared towards 3+ with all of it's awesome obstacle courses. My 18-month old still enjoyed the playground's slides and spring toys.

It's a great neighborhood park.

Vroom! Vroom!
I wasn't sure if he could handle this since he just turned 3, but he did a great job!
Bootcamp for kids.
I think these are so cool! My oldest had a great time talking and listening to them.
I think we've been to too many amusement parks because he loves to squeal all the way down. I must admit, though, the rolling pins make you slide down fast!

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michelle, kevin, redbud, texas and brookston said...

love that park! we used to walk to it all the time when we lived there! i can pictures t squealing all the way down, it is a fun slide!

Maricel said...

He did! I have a very short video because my camera phone wasn't working properly.

I cannot say this enough, but we sure do miss you guys!

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